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Treatment with light therapy has long been recorded.  Many acne sufferers will see a vast improvement of their acne when on holiday to sunnier climes, but a regression when they return home.



10-15 years ago it was common for a GP to advise sundbed treatments to mild cases.  In more recent times the use of red and blue light sources has been documented to produce improvements

ACNE Treatment

How IPL Treats ACNE


Acne is a photo-responsive disease.


Acne bacteria contain endogenic porphyrins which are excited by blue and yellow light to attack and destroy the bacteria.


With treatments with light therapy such as the Chromolite-ep, the rate of acne destruction can be enhanced to be greater than that of acne bacteria growth, leading to the reduction of inflamed lesions and the prevention of further traumatic scarring.


Treatment frequency will depend on client requirements.


Clinical studies have shown the results to bevery effective. Most importantly, the treatment is painless without any side effects.


By destroying the bacteria present in the skin the light can clear acne over a small course of treatments.


Full face Acne Treatments are only £50 per session, or £250 for 6 (1 free)


Clients normally receive around six treatments to clear the affected area.


A full, free & Non-Obligation consultation and patch test is always carried out and an individual treatment plan devised to address your acne problems.

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