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A course of treatments can allow you to be hair free and enjoy smooth skin permanently.


Imagine... no more in-growing hairs, Shaving Rash, Shaving daily, Painful Waxing, In-between period when you are growing the hair long enough to be waxed.


Okay, the science bit.


Intense light is emitted from the handpiece which is placed on the clients skin.


The light is safely absorbed by the melanin in our hair.


This process causes the follicle temperature to rise, destroying each hair at it's root without damaging the surrounding tissue.


The heat destroys the growth structure of the individual hair so it will not grow back.

























Hair needs to be "in Anagen" in order for us to target it for IPL purposes. The light waves only affect the actively growing stage-anagen as the root is attached to the bulb at this point.


This is why a course of treatment conducted over a period produces best results. We recommend a course of 6 treatments.

hair growth stages

IPL Hair Reduction

All pain free and non-surgical.

How it works

Hair grows in three different stages

                                                         Growing                     Resting                       Dead



Scottish Laser and Beauty use only the very best IPL technology on the market.


In fact, there are only two machines of it's type in Scotland.


Hair removal technology is sensitive, precise and effective for all areas of the body and for all skin types. Our professional clinical technician together with the state of the art technology offered by our Chromolite-ep offer superior results.