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Laser Tattoo Removal

Today there is an increasing demand for the removal of tattoos. Statistics show that on average, one person out of two wants to remove their tattoos after about ten years.


This derives from the inevitable changes in fashion and styles or it is simply due to growing older.


Our tattoo removal service includes:


◦Detailed consultations to explain the treatment

◦Accurate estimates of time and cost for your removal

◦Complete or partial removal as required

◦The latest laser equipment on the market

◦Fast, accurate and effective treatments

◦Localised cooling to minimise discomfort

◦Before and after care and advice

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All About Laser Tattoo Removal

You know that feeling on a sunny day when you have dark clothes on and they feel really warm?


Well that's because the pigment in your dark clothes is absorbing the sunlight which changes into heat energy.


That's the same principal when we use a laser to remove your tattoo.


The ink in your tattoo absorbs the light energy, emitted by the laser.


This disturbs the make up of your tattoo and forces it to start to break up

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